Day 2: I bought a blender

It’s the second day and I’m still standing. I am seeing a lot of recipes that I want to make at the moment which call for blender action, so I threw money at my problem today and invested. When I say invested – it was only £25… and it can be used for lots of things especially soup in winter and MARGARITAS – woooo!

Whipped up a really good salad from My NewRoots which is a brilliant blog. I have made a few things from the site now and everything has been delicious. Check out my ‘Tried & Tested’ recipes to see which ones.  Today was no exception, it was so nice, and at 10 Pro Points per portion, I’m pretty delighted with this find. I’ll definitely make it again. I bulked up on the spinach to make it a bit more filling, I didn’t use coriander and I used celery instead of carrots which worked great. Love the crunch.

My New Roots: Chickpea Salad Mexican Mango Dressing.
Photo credit: My New Roots

Summary of today


Half an avocado (4) on half slice of Biona Rye Bread (2)

Quinoa, Fennel and Pomegranate Salad with Goat’s Cheese from last night (10)
Banana (0)

Chickpea Salad with Mango dressing and side of avocado (10)
Leftover mango(0)

Today: 26 points

Ran 5K in approx 35 mins

Thoughts for today: I feel like I’m eating too much avocado, at 4 ProPoints per portion – half an avocado – it seems excessive. I’ve consumed an entire avocado today


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