Day 3: GUILT

I had a prawn Pad Thai for lunch, hence the title of this post. It wasn’t a planned move but it was the result of peer pressure from colleagues. Must work on willpower. Then met a friend for a ‘coffee’ after work which turned into a glass of wine after the coffee shop we planned was shut. C’est la vie. Felt v. guilty and full after pad thai during the day so had some celery sticks for dinner. It is an insult to call that dinner but I just did it.

No pics for today, just a lonely post. Aiming to go to the gym in the morning we’ll see how that works out for me!


Half a rye bread and a boiled egg

Prawn Pad Thai
Diet Coke

Glass of wine
Celery sticks x3

In sum: a ridiculous day. I don’t think i’d beat myself up so much if I could see results, but early days. My “dinner” is pathetic and makes me cringe.


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