Day 4: MORE guilt

Yep, more guilt and its only going to go further downhill as the weekend progresses. Booze being the issue, New Forest Cider specifically. Other than that I had a healthy enough day but the sugary sugary cider is surely going to let me down.

Damn you delicious sauce…

Anyhoo yesterday went as follows:

Slice of Biona Rye Bread (5 pts)
Banana (0pts)

Leftover chickpea salad with Mexican dressing & half an avocado (10pts)
Apple (nil points)

2 portobello mushrooms stuffed with spinach, peppers and feta cheese and side of salad with balsamic vinegar (4pts)
(I’ve started using that low fat spray oil which is great rather than eating up points with olive oil)

4 Ciders (i’m not proud) Probably 16 -20 pts but not sure

Total about 40 pts

I got up and went to the gym, shocking. Didn’t manage very long but I did do 20 minute interval training on treadmill which made me sweat A LOT

I have a feeling the weekend will be pretty bad. Going to visit my friend in Somerset and there isn’t much to do where she lives other than eat and drink. Damn.


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