I’m Lisa. I’m 27. I live in London. My slogan should be ‘over weight and under confident’

I really want to lose weight. Once upon a time (5 years ago) I hit the scales at 13 stone. I am 5ft 3.5″. I lost 2 stone without trying a few years ago. When I say ‘not trying’ what I mean to say is that I didn’t concentrate specifically on losing weight, I didn’t think I was capable ofit. I started exercising and did a half-marathon and triathlon in the space of a year and that must have done it!

I have always been overweight yet have been good at ignoring it. At times it would get me really down,  but I never had the confidence or willpower to deal with it. I’m always scared of failing. Writing it down feels strange.

I have always been under confident and am not very good at talking about my feelings but I’m hoping this process might help with that.

I have always wanted to be a size 10 so ultimately that’s the end goal. I’m doing Weight Watchers – not the classes, just using the app. So going for the balanced low fat approach and my goal weight is 9 st.

I love food and I don’t eat meat. I don’t like the recipes they provide on the WW site, too much cottage cheese involved. So i’m going to share the recipes that I love.

This is a blog for me, its not really for sharing, but i’m putting it out there to see what happens.


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