Day 10: Food, food more food

So, I’m now on the 10th day of “operation me” and its going surprisingly well. I’ve found I’m actually enjoying the process ( I say this now but if I weigh myself on Monday and haven’t lost anything I will no longer be enjoying the process and will probably give up, although I do hope not) The thing i’m enjoying most is looking at new recipes and trying different things. This week, I’ve cooked two Ottolenghi concoctions. I’m a tad obsessed at the moment. One I made before and one was a new venture of pearl barley – mmmm delicious. His recipes are great and very flavoursome because of the use of herbs and spices. He is heavy on the olive oil, so I tend to hold back on that a bit and use a bit more lemon juice and salt for dressing and seasoning. One of the good things about Weight Watchers is that cheeses such as feta and goat are quite low in pro points. There is a reason why this is but I can’t remember it.

Here are the things I made

Mung beans, carrots and Feta salad












Pearl Barley, Celery and Goats Cheese Salad


Can I get a Whoop Whoop?

Stepped on the scales this morning to be received by the pleasing sight that I lost 4 pounds in a week!! This was surprising to me considering I had cheesecake, pizza, wine, panacotta and white chocolate mousse on Saturday. Excessive clearly. But then I suppose I was sort of good enough the previous days with counting the points and all that. Anyway I’m delighted.

Have been putting in some serious time into looking at recipes that are healthy. Made the BEST sauce the other day from the 2nd Leon cookbook all whizzed up in my trusty new blender. Ate it with salmon and roasted courgettes and red peppers. YUM.


Handful of mint
Handful of coriander
Handful of parsley
2 tablespoons of mustard
4 anchovies
200ml olive oil
juice of ½ lemon

You just chuck it all in the blender. Simple.

Not arsed counting my points today. Although I will say that I got up before work and did 30 mins in the gym. Whoop whoop. More of that tomorrow please willpower.


Day 4: MORE guilt

Yep, more guilt and its only going to go further downhill as the weekend progresses. Booze being the issue, New Forest Cider specifically. Other than that I had a healthy enough day but the sugary sugary cider is surely going to let me down.

Damn you delicious sauce…

Anyhoo yesterday went as follows:

Slice of Biona Rye Bread (5 pts)
Banana (0pts)

Leftover chickpea salad with Mexican dressing & half an avocado (10pts)
Apple (nil points)

2 portobello mushrooms stuffed with spinach, peppers and feta cheese and side of salad with balsamic vinegar (4pts)
(I’ve started using that low fat spray oil which is great rather than eating up points with olive oil)

4 Ciders (i’m not proud) Probably 16 -20 pts but not sure

Total about 40 pts

I got up and went to the gym, shocking. Didn’t manage very long but I did do 20 minute interval training on treadmill which made me sweat A LOT

I have a feeling the weekend will be pretty bad. Going to visit my friend in Somerset and there isn’t much to do where she lives other than eat and drink. Damn.

Day 3: GUILT

I had a prawn Pad Thai for lunch, hence the title of this post. It wasn’t a planned move but it was the result of peer pressure from colleagues. Must work on willpower. Then met a friend for a ‘coffee’ after work which turned into a glass of wine after the coffee shop we planned was shut. C’est la vie. Felt v. guilty and full after pad thai during the day so had some celery sticks for dinner. It is an insult to call that dinner but I just did it.

No pics for today, just a lonely post. Aiming to go to the gym in the morning we’ll see how that works out for me!


Half a rye bread and a boiled egg

Prawn Pad Thai
Diet Coke

Glass of wine
Celery sticks x3

In sum: a ridiculous day. I don’t think i’d beat myself up so much if I could see results, but early days. My “dinner” is pathetic and makes me cringe.

Day 2: I bought a blender

It’s the second day and I’m still standing. I am seeing a lot of recipes that I want to make at the moment which call for blender action, so I threw money at my problem today and invested. When I say invested – it was only £25… and it can be used for lots of things especially soup in winter and MARGARITAS – woooo!

Whipped up a really good salad from My NewRoots which is a brilliant blog. I have made a few things from the site now and everything has been delicious. Check out my ‘Tried & Tested’ recipes to see which ones.  Today was no exception, it was so nice, and at 10 Pro Points per portion, I’m pretty delighted with this find. I’ll definitely make it again. I bulked up on the spinach to make it a bit more filling, I didn’t use coriander and I used celery instead of carrots which worked great. Love the crunch.

My New Roots: Chickpea Salad Mexican Mango Dressing.
Photo credit: My New Roots

Summary of today


Half an avocado (4) on half slice of Biona Rye Bread (2)

Quinoa, Fennel and Pomegranate Salad with Goat’s Cheese from last night (10)
Banana (0)

Chickpea Salad with Mango dressing and side of avocado (10)
Leftover mango(0)

Today: 26 points

Ran 5K in approx 35 mins

Thoughts for today: I feel like I’m eating too much avocado, at 4 ProPoints per portion – half an avocado – it seems excessive. I’ve consumed an entire avocado today

Commence the Cringe

Greetings campers,

Day one of this blog and I have spent more time choosing a theme than writing. Ridiculous, but I suppose its nice to look nice and all that.The point of this experiment is to stop procrastinating and get on with it and I have failed at the first hurdle. Great start.

The purpose is simple – a place for me to document what I eat and how I exercise in order to spur me on to lose some weight. Some = 2st. I have decided to go down the route of Weight Watchers which seems to me to make the most sense to me. I like the app, ’tis mighty handy but I can’t face the idea of the meetings.

No idea how long it’s going to take to get to my goal weight which is 9st. I figure that would be a size 10 on my 5ft 3 and a bit frame which would be delightful. No idea if it’s realistic but I would love to lose 6 pounds a month, maybe its too ambitious. Who knows. I’ll have to find out won’t I?

So here goes…

Starting weight: 10 st 13.5
Goal weight: 9st
Daily Pro Points Allowance: 26
Weekly Pro Points Allowance: 49


Highlight of the day was this for dinner. Quinoa, Fennel and Pomegranate salad by Ottolenghi. LOVE. Click here to get the recipe from Bon Apetit.  Photo credit: Bon Apetit 

1 boiled egg
Half an avocado

Millet & rocket salad with goat’s cheese and pickled onions (recipe)
2 squares of Swedish hazelnut chocolate (no idea what it was, couldn’t resist)
Diet Coke

Quinoa, Fennel & Pomegranate Salad (Ottolenghi recipe from Bon Appetit) – photo up top. This was seriously delicious. I also added goat’s cheese for kicks.


Found today pretty easy. Was very tired though, hence the no exercise. I’m aiming try to do at least 20 minutes a day. Feel like the food I ate today was quite heavy on the olive oil so will avoid it tomorrow. Really need to drink more water too.

Total Pro Points used: 26